Once the ghosts and goblins have come and gone, to me that’s the real start of the holidays. First, Thanksgiving, the poor under rated holiday. Yes, I think Thanksgiving is more important than Halloween (gasp!) Why? Well, I know it sounds kind of corny, but there really is so much for us to be thankful for and yet we’re taking less and less time to appreciate it. Stores in our local mall are beginning to stay open on Thanksgiving day and Christmas ads are already everywhere. Even just that one day to gather around the table with family or friends is too much of a nuisance to their marketing plans. Ok, I know I’m ranting a bit but this really does drive me crazy. So, stop. It’s not December yet. There’s still plenty of time. 

                                 What are you thankful for?

I know I’m grateful to live in this country. We aren’t without problems but there’s still many blessings to appreciate. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to practice my faith. I sure am thankful for my loving family and all they do for me. I get such encouragement in my writing and in pursuing a career. I’m grateful for good friends and my current employment as a cashier. And of course I’m grateful for my mom’s good cooking (haha)

On Thanksgiving day, I open my door and am struck by the sensational, savory aromas of our epic feed. Usually, a plump turkey, sausage stuffing, potatoes and squash, green bean casserole, smooth silky gravy, warm buttery dinner rolls, and of course an apple crisp with sweet clouds of cool whip. Hungry? I know I am. It’s one of those rare occasions when we’re all in the house. No work, no school, nothing but us in the cozy warm house enjoying good food, each others company, and all those good blessings. How about you, what are you most looking forward to this once upon a November?