“The advice I continually give to young writers is this, “Learn to paint pictures with words.” Not just once upon a time, but … In the long secret dust of ages, beneath a blue forgotten sky, where trade winds caress the sun bleached shores of unknown realms … See, as much as there are words in poetry, there is a poetry in words. Use it, stay faithful to the path you have set your heart upon and follow it.” – Brian Jacques

I hope that all you fellow writers out there find this as encouraging and inspiring as I do. Brian Jacques is a favorite writer of mine, who taught me a great deal about writing. He wrote his internationally acclaimed Redwall series he wrote The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, Ribbajack, and a collection of ghost stories. He was a jack of all trades some of which include milk delivery, bus driver, police man, radio show host, and a member of the British Navy. I highly recommend you pick up one of his many adventures.